The Problem

- Some homeless are resistant to the current system of help

- Homeless are in neighborhoods, parks, sidewalks, RR tracks, flood channels, etc.

The Solution

- Outdoor living community

- "Service resistant" friendly

- Homeless off the streets, parks, sidewalks, RR tracks, flood channels, etc.

See How It Works

- Can best setup within hours, not years

- Set up a temporary place for homeless to stay. Get directions here.

Mohammed Aly

Mohammed Aly Public Comment @ Board of Supervisors Meeting 8/8/17. A place to shower...

Lou Noble With Jackie D.

The other day at Mercy houses storage facility in Anaheim, talking to Jackie D. About shelters vs Campgrounds for the people already camping by the trail and the riverbed.

Posted by Lou Noble on Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Shelters vs. campgrounds; Lou Noble talks with Jackie D.

Lou Noble With Rashad

Thursday 25th 2017, I found the people who stay by the Trail of the 91 E. entrance between Harbor and Anaheim Blvd. They were told to get off the trail as always with some getting trespassing tickets which normally get dismissed by the courts, they keep going back because they don't have anywhere else to go except the parks or streets, while the affirm lot which was allocated for the homeless has been empty for years. I got to talking to some about outdoor living vs shelters.

Posted by Lou Noble on Thursday, May 25, 2017

Lou Noble talking to Rashad about outdoor living vs. shelters.